Rowena’s Offer, a Sonnet

I was required to write a Sonnet for my English reading class.  I’ve decided to base it upon Rowena’s Offer.

She sat at his side, comforting him near.
He cried in her arms, him wanting to hear.
She was his teddy, she vowed to protect.
He was laughed at school, so he would reflect.
Just why was he teased, for he did not love
the girl of his class, he turned to his dove.
The girl at his side, his sister, his rock.
The one who always allowed him to talk.
Though today he could not talk, not today!
His mind raced, his disability weigh
heavily on her, but she knew her job!
For she would never, ever be a snob.
A sister’s job is to comfort her kin,
For she would never throw him in a bin!

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