Rachel’s Graduation

“Today is the big day!  Graduation from Virginia Dominion University,” Annabel said as she was helping her sister-in-law get ready.

“Where is my brother,” She asked.

“With the kids in the other room,” Annabel replied, “He’s having a rough time and he needs us.”

Pomp & Circumstance.  Yes, I know.  His brain can’t handle it.  That will be up to you to hold him while I’m up walking across the stage,” Rachel said.

“I have a job to do, and he will need me,” Annabel said, “He will need you too after.”

The two women walked out to the living room where he was waiting. “You will be fine,” Rachel said, hugging her brother.

“I will be right there at your side,” Annabel said, hugging her husband.

He was extremely grateful to have both women hugging him, because he knew that he was in for a huge struggle in just a few short hours. He kept repeating in his mind, “Do not ruin your sister’s graduation. Whatever happens, Annabel will catch you.  Do not ruin your baby sister’s graduation.”  Tears started leaking from his eyes as the thoughts of what happened last time.  The parents bitter divorce.  His big sister Jessica’s ruined graduation.

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