Train Ride

“We are finally going to Mountain Vista together,” Daniel said with excitement in his voice. He looked around at the train, to figure out the rooms.

Rowena said, “Daniel, you and Opal will have a mini room, and I will be in the accessible room with Caroline.”

“I don’t want to be apart,” Daniel said.

Caroline said, “Let’s place our things in our respective rooms, then we will all meet together to plan. You and Opal come to us.”

Daniel hugged his cousin as he said, “Thank you Caroline.”

Rowena said, “Yeah, you and Opal drop your things off then come to the accessible room.”

Opal and Daniel dropped their things off and were in the other room in a moment. “Caroline, when we get to the train station, it is just before 5 in the morning. Our Mountain Vista class schedules, along with a photo ID count as bus fare on this day. The most important thing is that we do not get separated when getting on the bus. They are the popular way to get into Mountain Vista,” Rowena explained.

“I can’t wait to see the apartment that Aunt Jessica was able to scrounge up for us,” Caroline said.

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