The Train Ride

Daniel was a bit upset as the bus dropped them off in Christiansburg at the train station. “I promise I’ll keep Opal company,” Caroline whispered as she took her cousin’s hand. “You both made a promise to each other, and that will never change.”

“You will always have me, and that is a promise,” Opal promised as she hugged Daniel.

“Promise,” He whispered back as the train pulled into the station.

“Caroline will look after me,” She replied.

He released Opal from the hug as Rowena said, “We need to get on the train.”

They said their last goodbyes and hopped on, finding themselves a seat together. Daniel and Rowena found a seat with an electrical outlet and immediately plugged in their laptops.  They set up a secured ad hoc so they could play some games together during the four hour train ride to Washington, D.C.  Daniel started hugging his sister very tightly and started tearing.

“What’s wrong,” Rowena asked.

“I miss Caroline,” He responded.  Rowena was feeling the same way about their cousin.

“I miss Caroline too,” His sister sniffled.  Meanwhile, the train started pulling into Charlottesville.  There were no passengers, so the train didn’t stop for long.

Eventually, they started coming into the DC area.  They heard thunder crash and Rowena figured, “This can’t be good. Rowena always hated thunderstorms, and looked to her brother for comfort.

He put his arm around his sister, and knew she was dreading pulling into DC, since she was not looking forward to transferring in the thunderstorm. “We will get inside as quickly as possible. Our connecting train is in 45 minutes,” Daniel decided.

Glad to be inside the station, Rowena said, “Ah, seats. That will do.”

“Yeah. Keeps us close to the tracks,” Daniel replied as they went to get in line. “Restroom first though.  This station is huge, so when we are done going: we will wait for the other to finish, then go sit down.”

“Of course,” Rowena said with a hug.

It wasn’t too long before he and Rowena did their business, and headed for the waiting area. Their train would be boarding in about 15 minutes, and she was anxious to get on board. It was pouring rain, and there was plenty of thunder and lightning around, and she was getting quite frightened. Although she was trying hard not to show it, Daniel knew that thunderstorms always scared her.

It was finally time to board the train, and Rowena was grateful to be on board. “Tomorrow morning, we will be at Mountain Vista,” Daniel said as he sat down next to her.

“Wow, thanks Aunt Jessica,” Rowena commented when she realized that the cabin they were in featured its own private bathroom, complete with toilet, shower, and sink. “This will be handy for tonight,” Rowena said as she looked around the cabin.

“Dinner time,” Rowena said as she realized it was their reserved time, “We need to take our medicine too.”

They made their way to the dining car, got their meal, then found a table. She flinched when thunder boomed overhead. “This will be a long night,” She lamented. Naturally, she sat next to her brother since it was usually him comforting her during thunderstorms, and this dinner would be no different.

Daniel hugged his sister then started eating the meal before him. “I will be with you all night,” He whispered.

“We will have a great year together,” Rowena said, “Astronomy.” She decided to try to keep her mind from thinking about the thunderstorm that was raging overhead, and Daniel picked up on that as he often did.

“They just built a new planetarium,” He replied, trying to keep her from thinking about the storm.

Rowena pulled out two pill bottles and said, “Here’s your dinner meds.” They each took their respective pills, and continued eating. “I’m glad we will be sharing a small apartment together,” She continued, cringing as the thunder and lightning continued, while still trying to remain strong for her little brother.

“Yeah, I’m so used to curling up at your side at night,” Daniel replied.

“And I’m used to letting you cuddle up,” Rowena replied happily.

“Daniel and Rowena,” One of the conductors asked.

“That’s us,” Rowena replied.

“Hi, I’m Johnathan and I’m in charge of your accommodations on board,” He explained. “We need to know what time you’d like your cabin switch to beds, and what time you’ll be up tomorrow so we can switch your cabin back to seats.”

Daniel looked at his sister and asked her, “Have it switched to bed now?”

Rowena replied, “Yeah.” Turning her attention to Johnathan, she said, “Feel free to switch it now. We will share the lower berth. Tomorrow we have to be up bright and early. How soon can we have breakfast?”

“Mountain Vista students,” He asked, seeing where they were getting off.

“Yes,” Daniel replied.

“Oh, we get to the station at 4:52 AM and there’s a connecting shuttle that gets you there at 6 AM. They have breakfast available when you arrive and check in. Staff will be at the station when you arrive to direct you,” He explained.

“Thank you. That will work,” Rowena replied.

“Alright, thank you,” Johnathan replied, then moved on to the next passenger.

“That’s handy,” Daniel whispered to his sister.

They finished having their meal, then Daniel asked, “Back to the room, and get a shower?”

“Yeah, back to the room. Our cabin should be converted to beds,” Rowena replied.

They arrived back in their cabin and, sure enough, it was all set up with the bed pulled out, and made up with blankets and pillows. Rowena started undressing as she said, “Showers for us.  Let’s get this over with, and try to get some sleep since we have an early start.”

“You want me to join,” Her brother asked.

“Sure, might as well,” Rowena replied.

“Let’s wash each other,” Daniel suggested as they both undressed themselves.

“Fine by me,” Rowena replied as they both went into the tiny shower space.

She started wetting Daniel’s hair and groaned.  It was That Time of the Month and, even though she was on The Shot, she still had her mood swings.  Still, she would never – could never – take it out on her brother.

“I’ve never been in a more enclosed space,” She commented as she got the shampoo going. “Close your eyes,” She said as she rubbed his hair all over, trying to get every part.  He had a severe dandruff problem for as long as she could remember, and she often took it upon herself to try to scrub his head as best as she could, although she knew it wouldn’t fully solve the problem.  She grabbed the shower head and rinsed him all the way.

“My turn,” He said as she finished rinsing him. They switched places, and he started rinsing her hair, just as she rinsed his hair.  “Shampoo like you did for me,” He asked.

“Of course,” His sister replied as an announcement came that they were approaching a train station.  “I want you to scrub deeply, just as I did for you.”

“OK,” He replied, as he started the shampoo.

That’s when it happened.  Rowena, knowing her brother as well as she did, picked up on it immediately.  “Daniel?  Danny?”  She quickly rinsed her hair knowing that she only had seconds to act.  Once rinsed, she opened her eyes and turned around to look at her brother.  Daniel was starting to slip into an Autistic Meltdown.

“Sit down,” Rowena said gently as she helped him to sit on the toilet.  She then immediately sat on his lap sideways so that she could look into her brother’s eyes: the lights were on, but no one was home.

She sat there on his lap, throwing her arms tightly around him.  She did not need him upset, especially since she did not have Caroline or Opal there to help her calm him down.  This was her first time having to calm her brother down, on her own, since they were in middle school.  “I’m not going to stop hugging you,” She whispered, “But we need to get to sleep.  I promise I will sleep right here in this bed at your side, and that you can hold me all night long if you need to.  Here, let me try to get you into your favorite sleeping position.”  She then repeated, “I promise I will be right here all night long, and that I will only get up if I need to use the restroom.  I will not leave this cabin without you.”

She then got off of his lap and slowly, gently, got him to lie on the bed, and she curled up next to him as she pulled the blankets over both of them.  “Here, you know you won’t be happy unless you lie on my breast,” She whispered as she placed his head on her breast and continued, “You know you want your hand on my other breast.”

Sure enough, his crying subsided almost immediately as she put her arm around him, wanting him to fall asleep cradled in her arms.  “We both need rest, because it’s an early morning,” She yawned as she finally started falling asleep.  Meanwhile, his hand started gently sliding down her gut.  She took note of it and whispered, “Yes, you may stroke my pussy.”  As her brother inserted his finger into her vagina, she noticed that he immediately started to calm down, but also that he was still clearly shaken up.  “Just rest,” She whispered calmingly, “We have an early morning, and I want you rested up.”

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