Mountain Vista Arrival

The train pulled into the station as Daniel and Rowena collected their things. “It is too early for this,” He yawned.

“Yeah, but at least we get to sleep for an extra hour on the bus,” Rowena replied.

“Ro, you know as well as I do that we both can’t fall asleep on buses,” He replied. His sister giggled. “Yes of course we will sit together,” He added.

“I’m looking forward to breakfast,” She replied.

“As am I,” He replied as the parade of buses pulled up.  “These are city buses,” Daniel exclaimed as he looked at the buses, “Civilization!!  City buses!!”  Being Autistic, Daniel was excited to see full-blown city buses in what seemed to be the middle of nowhere.  Rowena put her arm around her brother in an attempt to calm him down as they got into the line.

“Route 26: Mountain Vista Student Center,” The bus automated voice called out as the driver opened the door. There was a huge line behind Dan and Ro, and there were able to get the last two seats next to each other. There were several buses in the row, and they were grateful of being able to sit together for the hour long ride into town.

As the bus approached Everett Square, the sky suddenly opened up. It was pouring rain as the bus pulled into the transit center marking the half-way point to Mountain Vista. “Ah crap,” Daniel said.

“Drat,” Rowena whispered. She wasn’t looking forward to being soaked, just as much as Daniel wasn’t looking forward to it “Well, 30 more minutes and we will be dropped off. It is too early for this,” She commented.

Finally, the parade of buses pulled into the University of Mountain Vista. Daniel and Rowena’s stomachs were growling, but first they would have to get through the pouring rain. “Just get us inside, then I think I’ll feel better,” Daniel mumbled as they had to splash though puddles to get into the building.

Rowena realized that her brother was on the verge of an episode. As usual, Daniel never did well in the crowds, and everyone was piling into the Student Center quickly to get out of the rain. “I’m right here,” Rowena whispered as she took his hand, knowing she had to do what was needed to keep him from getting overwhelmed.  “I’m here.  I’m here.  I’m right here,” She whispered, gripping her brother tightly to make sure he didn’t get lost in the crowd.

Too late!  Daniel slipped into a breakdown as the amount of people overwhelmed him.  Rowena tightened her grip even further, and led him away from the crowds as best as she could.  She wished Caroline and Opal were there since they would form a little cuddle circle for him to block out everyone else.

“I need someplace quiet for my brother to calm down.  His brain is overwhelmed by too many people here,” Rowena explained to a security guard who came over.

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