One City Bus and Two Wheelchairs

Rowena Comforting Daniel

Rowena comforts her brother after a rough night

Saturday morning came along and Rowena planned to help him wake up, as usual. She looked over and noticed her brother crying a little. She gently had him lie on her exposed breast and whispered, “I won’t let Hanna hurt you any more.” She knew what was on his mind, and knew she needed to comfort him. She started gently stroking him as she whispered, “The soccer ladies know how much you hate Hannah. It’s alright that you don’t want her.”

“Thank you,” He whispered as she held him tightly.

“I think we should get a shower, then have breakfast before they come over,” Rowena suggested.

“Alright,” Daniel replied as he and Rowena made their way to the bathroom. They jumped in the shower together, and Daniel chuckled, “I’m glad you got the team to help with the project.” He thought about it for a moment as Rowena wetted his hair to prepare it for shampoo, and said, “You know, I’m glad the soccer team walked us home.”

“Safety in numbers,” Rowena said as she got the shampoo going. She started washing her brother’s hair, and they traded places so that he could wash her hair. “Get dressed and have cereal,” She asked.

“Yea cereal will do,” He said. He started thinking about their cousin Caroline and his friend Opal. They planned to video chat later that evening, but he wished they both could be there now, in person. Rowena saw the look on his face, and gladly offered him a hug. She knew her brother had so many different emotions right now.

Rowena poured two bowls of cereal and scooted her chair so that she could be as close to her brother as possible, because she knew he would want to hug her – which she did not mind one bit. “Once we eat breakfast, the soccer team should be here in about 15 minutes,” Rowena said.

There was a polite knock on their apartment door. Rowena went up to answer. “Aunt Jessica? Caroline? Opan? Sarah,” She exclaimed in disbelief.

Both women wheeled into the apartment, with Opal and Sarah following them in, and Aunt Jessica said, “This was Aunt Rachel’s idea to have me and Caroline here to let you two film us riding your buses in our wheelchairs. I brought Sarah along in case I needed assistance on the flight from Bellevue, just as Opal traveled with Caroline for the same reason.”

Daniel looked over and was quite excited to see his aunt and two cousins. Caroline wheeled over and hugged him very tightly. “I’m glad we could be here,” She said. Opal also pulled Daniel into a squeeze-hug, just so happy to see him again.

Aunt Jessica asked, “So Daniel, what did you have in mind?”

There was a knock on the window. “Crap,” Rowena exclaimed, “Pardon my French Aunt Jessica, but that bitch has no right to come here and harass Daniel. Not now. Not ever!”

“What’s going on,” Sarah asked in a worried voice.

Rowena closed the blind and said, “Aunt Jessica. Caroline. Opal. Sarah: Meet Hannah. She’s the idiot that Daniel was supposed to work with on this project. He came running to me the other day when Hannah tried to…”

Aunt Jessica gave Rowena a dirty look and said, “I hate to say it, but just. Wow! Seriously. She must sleep around.”

Rowena replied, “That’s why my soccer team offered to help, and they should be here in a few minutes.”

Getting back on subject, Caroline said, “Sarah brought a video camera and will film us on buses.”

Rowena said, “We have to go grocery shopping. Maybe you two could help out, and we get to see things from your point of view.”

Aunt Jessica responded, “That’s fine.”

There was a polite knock on the door. Rowena looked through the peep-hole and said, “It’s my soccer team. 9 AM like they promised.”

“Good morning everyone. I want everyone to meet Aunt Jessica, and our cousins Caroline and Sarah,” Rowena said.

Jenna said, “Good morning. We saw Hannah skulking about, and seemed pissed about something.”

After exchanging greetings, Aunt Jessica said, “She’s angry because Rowena closed the blinds on her.”

Amanda said, “We have a surprise waiting outside at the bus shelter.”

They exited Jenner Hall and Amanda said, “You know my father drives buses for the agency. He got permission to bring an out of service bus for us to use.”

“You must be Jessica,” Amanda’s father said, “I am Ryan with the Valley Transit Service. Welcome aboard!”

Rowena looked at her brother and said, “Hannah will not be getting on this bus.”

Sarah said, “I was going over this with Mom while on the plane. I’m going to film the different activities you two getting on and off the bus, as well as being hooked in, unhooked, and whatnot.”

Ryan said, “That will be no problem.”

Caroline added, “I brought fare. I want to be filmed buying a Day Pass.”

Ryan replied, “Sure, I can set up the farebox to issue passes. I will charge the $1.50 Special Rider rate for both of you.”  His eyes flashed an angry look as Hannah decided to try to sneak up to the bus.  “You are not boarding this bus,” He said, knowing full well what Hannah was doing to harass Daniel.  She gave a snooty look and walked off, as Ryan started deploying the wheelchair ramp to allow Caroline and Aunt Jessica to board, while Sarah filmed the process.

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