Daniel’s Disability Project

Daniel hugged Rowena goodbye as he always did before heading into English.  Today was the day his class was going to be assigned the big research project.

Professor Johnston explained, “I’ve plugged your names into the computer and it randomly assigned you into groups of two.”

Professor Johnston started calling out names until she got to, “Hannah Clarke?”

Hannah called out, “Yes.”

Professor Johnston replied, “You’ll be with Daniel Ragsdale.” As the other students did, Hannah moved desks to sit next to Daniel.

After all the students pared up, Professor Johnston handed out the sheets explaining what the choices were.  Daniel noticed the one about documenting the life of a disabled student and he immediately asked, “Do you mind if instead of a current student I document both my cousin and my aunt since they both require a wheelchair?”

“That’s fine,” Professor Johnston said.

“That will make this project easier,” Hannah said, deciding to agree with Daniel’s idea. She had a grin on her face, which Daniel did not notice.

After class, Hannah gently grabbed Daniel and suggested, “Let’s head to the Library to gather information.”

“This is my Aunt and my Cousin that I’m documenting. I lived with my cousin before I came here to Mountain Vista with my sister. Why do we need to go to the Library,” Daniel asked.

Hannah rolled her eyes, then took him around to a back alley and suddenly, her true self was revealed.  Her coat and shorts came off to reveal nothing but a very skimpy, what Rowena might insultingly call a “slut-kini”.

“I don’t think anyone’s here,” Hannah said suggestively.  “Wanna make love to me Danny?”

Daniel was furious.  The was only one person on campus allowed to call him Danny, and Rowena never did.

Hannah seemed to take the hint, “Oh sorry.  I’ll call you Daniel.”  She pulled her bra off and seductively said, “Here baby, I’ll make it up to you.  Make love to me and you will feel much better.”  She then started undoing the ties holding her bottoms up.  “Now it’s time to make you a real man,” She continued very inappropriately.  “It’s time for you to fuck me.  Who cares about some stinking project.”

Now that Hannah was completely naked, Daniel ran for it.  He noticed that her private area looked like it had an STI.  He knew he had to run.  He knew he didn’t want to be infected.  He wanted to be with his sister.  He needed Rowena to comfort him real badly.  He decided that Rowena – not Hannah – would help him with his project and that was his final decision. He ran for it towards the practice fields where Rowena was having Soccer practice with her team.

“Rowena, why does your brother look spooked,” One of the soccer ladies – who understood his mental disability – asked.

“What would Daniel be doing here?  He said he was with his classmate researching…”  Rowena’s voice trailed off as she looked around and instantly recognized the frightened expression on her brother’s face.

Jenna, the team captain, blew her whistle to get everyone’s attention and they all sat around Daniel as Rowena took his hand. “What happened,” She asked, worried about him.

“Who is that,” Amanda, another team member asked, pointing toward the other end of the field.

Jenna looked up and noticed too. “Yuck, get dressed,” She thought to herself out loud.

Daniel clutched his sister very tightly, which Rowena picked up on immediately. “That looks like your English project partner,” Rowena whispered. When Daniel held her even tighter, she added, “Ah. I get it now, and I don’t blame you for running to me.”

Jenna suggested, “How about we walk you two back home? Safety in numbers.”

“Yes please,” Rowena replied, deciding Daniel was too spooked to think straight, “When we get there, it’s time for a study session.”

“Ok,” Daniel said, very weakly while still hugging Rowena very tightly.

As they started walking with Daniel and Rowena, Jenna asked the team, “What would you ladies say if we help Daniel with his project, so that he doesn’t have to put up with that thing?”

They all nodded in agreement as one of them piped up, “I know that Hannah from class. I get the impression that all she wants to do is get laid. Disgusting!”

“It’s settled then,” Jenna said, “Rowena, what are you both up to Saturday?”

“I don’t mind everyone coming over Saturday,” Rowena replied as they neared their building, “9 or something like that?”

Everyone agreed to 9 AM as they safely arrived at Jenner. “Get our laptops. Study time,” Rowena said. They pulled out their laptops. “Hopefully this will take your mind off of Hannah,” Rowena said as they started a study session together.

After about twenty minutes or so, Daniel whispered, “I’m getting hungry for dinner.”

“Let me make you something,” Rowena said, “You still look frightened.”

“Today was scary,” He whispered.

“That’s why I’m glad you came looking for me,” Rowena said as she opened the fridge to see what was available. “We need to go shopping over the weekend. How about I make sandwiches,” Rowena suggested.

“Alright. We have PB&J,” Daniel asked.

“Yes we do,” She replied as she got the jelly out of the fridge.

She made two sandwiches and poured milk for them to drink. “I don’t think you need soda after the mess of today,” She explained.

“Thanks,” Daniel replied as she sat at his side.

“Let’s eat, then get some rest. You had a long day, and you really look tired,” Rowena said.

Daniel happily ate the sandwich that his sister made for him, and his eyes became droopy. He was ready for sleep. “We should head straight to bed,” Rowena whispered as she put their plates in the dishwasher.

She led her brother upstairs to the loft and, they quickly undressed and climbed into bed. “Tomorrow, there will be no Hannah. Just you, me, and the Soccer ladies,” Rowena whispered as she put her arms snugly around Daniel.

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