Rowena’s Offer

“Danny, I’m right here,” Rowena said, taking her brother into her arms, “If you need me to, I will stay the night with you.”  He continued to cry as she held him tightly, “You’re tired of everyone saying you love that girl, aren’t you.”

He nodded as she looked into his tear-filled eyes.  “It’s getting late, and you need me right now, so I think I will spend the night with you,” She said, making up her mind.

He couldn’t speak, as the thought of everyone teasing him just kept playing over and over in his mind.  “How would you like it if I walk you home from school?  I can meet you outside at the front door, but I can’t come in to get you.”

He continued crying quietly and she said, “I will meet you outside of the building and walk you home starting tomorrow.  Starting right now, I will spend the night with you.  Here, follow me into my room, and I will get clothes for tonight and tomorrow.  I get it: you don’t want me to leave your side for anything.”  Rowena made her decision: comforting her highly upset brother was more important than anything.  She knew the stories coming from the middle school of how one of his classmates had the exact same classes in the exact same order as him.  Everyone teased him about being in love with her.

She had to help him back to his room, where it dawned on her just how much her (still highly upset) brother needed her, as he gripped her like he would never be allowed hug her ever again.  “I’m spending the night with you,” Rowena whispered, “I won’t go anywhere.  Promise.”

This is a sonnet I wrote for my English class as part of a homework assignment.  More information on my Blog Post.

She sat at his side, comforting him near.
He cried in her arms, him wanting to hear.
She was his teddy, she vowed to protect.
He was laughed at school, so he would reflect.
Just why was he teased, for he did not love
the girl of his class, he turned to his dove.
The girl at his side, his sister, his rock.
The one who always allowed him to talk.
Though today he could not talk, not today!
His mind raced, his disability weigh
heavily on her, but she knew her job!
For she would never, ever be a snob.
A sister’s job is to comfort her kin,
For she would never throw him in a bin!


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