Daniel Gets Dumped

Daniel collapsed on the hallway floor in tears as Christie made it quite clear she never wanted to see him ever again. This wouldn’t be the first time, nor the last time, someone would break up with Daniel.

His sister Rowena found him and sat at his side and held him – she was used to this by now (she was always willing to comfort her brother when he needed). “What happened Danny,” She asked in a concerned voice, thinking she knew exactly what was wrong.

“You would be willing to date an asshole like Daniel Ragsdale,” She snickered – not knowing, nor caring, that Rowena was Daniel’s sister.

Rowena decided as the clock hit 2 PM, “You don’t need her. Mom and Dad should be here to take us to Bluewater.”

As they exited the school, Daniel sat on the bench and just cried in his sister’s arms. “Ro, you’re the only girl who honestly loves me.”

She responded, “Of course I love you! I’m your sister!”

Daniel sobbed, “That’s not the point.”

Rowena thought for a moment then said, “You’re ready for that special someone. Is that it?” Daniel nodded yes through his continued sobs. She continued, “We have a long ride ahead of us, and it is time to head to Bluewater for our weekend visitation with Caroline.  Here, let me guide you.”  Rowena helped her brother up, and said, “I promise I won’t leave you.  You’re my brother, and I hate seeing you hurt.”  She knew she needed to calm him down fast.  “I won’t leave your side for any reason.  Promise.  Tonight, I will share the bed with you as always, but let’s see if Caroline wants to join us.”

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