Send-Off Cookout

This is the last cookout before Daniel and Rowena head off to the University of the Mountain Vista

This is the last cookout before Daniel and Rowena head off to the University of the Mountain Vista

“Swimming and a cookout,” Caroline said excitedly as she sat in her wheelchair facing the other three.

“That’s right,” Rowena squealed, “Now that we are all in our swimsuits, I think we should head upstairs.”

“Well today is the big day for Daniel and Rowena,” Rachel said excitedly when the elevator dropped the four of them off on the ground floor.

“Tonight is the big cookout,” Annabel added.

There were two people who weren’t as thrilled: Daniel and Opal Junior were still a bit upset. Daniel was used to Opal’s company of course, and wasn’t ready to be away from her. “I will always be a video call away, and besides: someone will have to look after me for the year,” His cousin Caroline piped up.

“Yeah, you got a point,” He said, though he really did not feel that way.

She realized what was going on, and wheeled closer to him so that she could hug him tightly. “I promise I won’t let anyone steal Opal away from you,” She whispered, “She has you, and than will not change.”

Opal wiped away her own tears as she realized the plan for Caroline. Daniel’s mood lightened up a bit as Opal pulled him into a hug and said, “My job will be to look after Caroline. Rowena will look after you.”

Rowena came over and hugged her brother as she said, “Of course I will look after you. It will be my job to make sure no one tries to steal you away from Opal.”

Rowena climbed onto the diving board as her father started getting the grill going. “Dive in behind me, everyone,” She giggled as she looked back at Daniel, Caroline, and Opal.

“Let me help Caroline,” Daniel said as his cousin looked longingly at him from her wheelchair.

The four of them were in the pool and Daniel was quite happy to have his three favorite women in the water at his side. Caroline especially was happy to snuggle up with her cousin in the water as she said, “It’s so nice to be able to move my legs around without restrictions.”

Annabel said, “Come out of the pool and have a seat. Food is almost ready.”

Caroline was helped out of the pool and back into her wheelchair, and she applied the brakes to her wheelchair as plates were set in front of all of them.

“Let’s dig in,” Rachel said once everyone had a plate of food.

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