The Next Morning

“What’s wrong Danny,” Caroline asked with a concerned voice.

“I was so frightened with what could’ve happened if Opal didn’t bump into me,” He said trembling in fear.

Caroline had an understanding look. She replied, “Here, I’ll pour our bowls this morning.”

It took her a moment, but she was able to get her cousin to wake up. They got dressed and headed to their kitchen. Aunt Rachel came to their “apartment” since she always had breakfast with them. “Morning Mom,” Caroline said.

Daniel added, “Morning Aunt Rachel.”

“Good morning you two,” Aunt Rachel said. She noticed Daniel’s worried look and asked, “What’s wrong Daniel?”

Caroline answered, “Oh, someone tried to pressure him into getting a hotel for sex.”

Daniel was shaking as Aunt Rachel, also the Principal of Bluewater High, sat him down at the table. “What happened? Take your time. If you’re late to class, I’ll excuse you.”

Daniel was shaking in nervous fright when Caroline spotted Opal outside waiting for the bus. Caroline said, “Mom, a witness, Opal Raymond, Jr., is outside at the bus stop.”

Aunt Rachel said, “Let’s all catch the bus together. Daniel, we’ll continue this in my office. Please take your time. Again, if you’re late to class, I’ll excuse you.” They made their way to the bus stop. Aunt Rachel said, “Opal, may I speak to you for a moment?”

Opal said, “Sure Dr. Ragsdale. What’s up?”

Rachel responded, “Caroline tells me that you witnessed Daniel being pressured to go to a hotel room for sex.”

Opal said, “Yes, that’s right. We were at the Senior Dance last night. I was sitting at a table minding my own business when I got up to get some food. I noticed Daniel and decided to chit-chat. Since I was there alone, I asked him for the Last Dance – as friends, which he agreed. After the dance, I told him I needed to get my coat.” The bus arrived and Opal said, “I’ll continue my description after we’re on the bus.”

“That’s fine,” Rachel said. They boarded the bus and tagged their Bluewater High School IDs on the farebox and found a seat.

Opal continued, “I arrived back and heard Emily say, ‘We can have sex if you want. Just you and me, baby,’ right after suggesting a hotel room for the night. Emily, and her friend Jordan, followed us out from the school as he was calling Caroline and Rowena and spoke in I guessing radio 10-codes and they arrived moments later.”

Rachel said, “Thank-you Opal. Since it didn’t happen, that is, actually going to the hotel room or doing it on school property, there’s nothing I can really do. I will be keeping an eye on them, just in case.”

Daniel spoke up, “Thank-you Aunt Rachel,” As he started tearing up. The bus pulled into the transit center (it’s only a 10 minute ride) and they made their way into the school. Aunt Rachel went to the office to begin her day after saying goodbye to Caroline, Daniel, and Opal.

Opal hugged Daniel goodbye as she entered her U.S. Government class. Daniel always walked Caroline to her Math class, then he went off to his English class. Today was going to be sadly, much different. Right as Daniel was preparing to hug Caroline goodbye, Caroline suddenly collapsed to the ground.

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