Rowena’s Study Group

The bus dropped Rowena off after a day at Galax Community College. By now, Caroline has been home for about a week getting used to life in a wheelchair and Thanksgiving was coming around the corner. Emily, the one who attacked Caroline, was currently sitting in the County Youth Detention Home awaiting a court hearing but Jordan was still at school (although her grades were slipping as it turned out she would get pregnant and get sent off to the County High School for Pregnant Teens).

Rowena explained, “I’m not sure I want to do some classes. Maybe it would be better if I wait and Danny, we go to Mountain Vista together as originally planned. It’s just: I need something to do.”

Caroline suggested, “You’re good at math. Maybe Mom will let you come to Bluewater High and run an afternoon group tutoring session.”

Over dinner that evening, Rowena brought up the plan with Aunt Rachel (who is Bluewater High’s Principal).

Aunt Rachel said, “I’ll have to check with the school board, but I personally don’t mind and I think it would be a great idea. I suppose you’ll want pay.”

Rowena giggled, “How about that plus cafeteria privilege and bus usage.”

Caroline giggled and her mother took the hint. Aunt Rachel said, “If this gets going, I suppose you and Daniel will want to be enrolled.”

About a week later, Rowena was able to start her group in 3rd and 4th periods. For ethical reasons, Rowena was to report to someone from the school board – so that it didn’t look like her aunt was playing favoritism. Opal, Daniel, and Caroline were enrolled in the 4th period Section 2 class (that it, the second portion of the last period of the day – the first portion was for their lunch).

Of course the four had lunch together then Rowena decided, “Let’s head to the classroom so I can get it set up for everyone. Where is room 324? I’m assuming it’s on the third floor.”

“That’s right,” Daniel said, “It’s about half way up the main hall from the elevator.”

“Where are you going,” The staff stationed at the hall access way asked politely.

Flashing her staff badge, Rowena said, “I’m taking them to math tutoring.”

“Have a good time,” The hall monitor replied as he allowed them to pass.

Caroline entered the code to access the elevator, and Rowena said, “Guess I’m going to have to get used to that since I’m so young.”

The four of them entered the room and Daniel and Rowena cleared some of the desks out of the way so they could position the big table for Caroline to park her wheelchair at. “Thanks you two,” Caroline said. She meant it and she – like Daniel – was looking forward to this study session.

Rowena started writing a few things on the board to get the session started when students started trickling in.

The session went quite well and Rowena started erasing the board while Daniel worked to put the desks in order. “Catch the 2:30 bus home,” Daniel asked.

“That was my plan,” Rowena said as she finished erasing the board.

Daniel pulled his sister into a hug as he said, “I’m glad Aunt Rachel lets you do this session.”

Rowena didn’t mind one bit that her brother wanted to hug her – he was the only one allowed to hug her – as Caroline finished packing up. “You just want to curl up with Caroline and I, don’t you,” Rowena said.

“I’m still upset from the dance,” Daniel said as he continued to hug Rowena.

“How about I put on a comedy when we get home,” Caroline suggested as they made their way to Bluewater Transit Center.

One look from Daniel told her everything: he wanted to simply curl up with her and Rowena. No need for movies.

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