Opal’s POS Father

Now that Opal Senior was Mayor, her deadbeat ex-husband now wanted a slice of the local fame. He was always abusive to their daughter and decided to come to Bluewater to raise Hell.

“Who the fuck are you??” The voice was very unfriendly.

Annabel looked up. She was cleaning her Deli’s counter and Opal, Rowena, Caroline, and Daniel were sitting at a table enjoying dinner (Daniel was sitting next to Opal). “Excuse me? No filthy mouths in my Deli,” She said.

Opal suddenly had this telltale look of fear in her eyes. She knew that voice from anywhere.

Daniel found himself being grabbed as the man demanded, “What the fuck are you doing with my daughter!!??”

Opal clutched Daniel because she knew exactly what was going to happen next. Her eyes briefly met Annabel’s and it’s as if Annabel knew to call for help.

He smacked Daniel across the face and Annabel reacted instantly by pressing the silent alarm button. The man tried running for it but Rowena and Caroline were too quick and tackled him to the ground.

Smashing his face to the ground, Rowena said, “No one and I mean NO ONE slaps my little brother! You will wait right here for the police!” Meanwhile, Annabel was on the phone with the Bluewater Police Department. Yes she was angry. Some strange person just assaulted her son.

Rowena sat next to him and – as she pressed his head to the ground – demanded, “Why did you assault my brother?? Answer me!!”

Opal said, “You are not my father! You only want some action because Mom did something with her life! Your ass will rot in Jail!”

It wasn’t like Opal to cuss, but considering the abuse she suffered as a child, she didn’t care how filthy her mouth was. The man started to scream something incoherent.

“Gag him,” Opal snarled, “There are some things I wish to say without being interrupted.” Annabel handed her a roll of duct tape and, after Opal taped his mouth shut, she continued, “Now, let’s get some things straight. You left Mom before I was even born. Any time I’ve seen you, something bad has happened! You always said Mom would be worth nothing, but we all knew better! Mayor of this town! I will take no more of your bullshit! The police will be here any moment and you are going to jail!”

Bluewater’s Finest arrived at the Deli not too long after Annabel hit the panic button. Annabel came from behind the counter and started explaining what happened, along with offering the officers access to her security cameras. “I want him arrested for assaulting my son,” She said as Opal’s abusive father – who was cursing up a storm muffled by the duct tape covering his mouth – was slapped with handcuffs.

“I will see you in court and I will testify against you,” Opal said, stressing “against” as much as she could. She was extremely angry, thinking about all of the Hell she went through. With as much hate and anger as she could muster, she snarled, “You are not my father!”

Another officer came over to take statements from everyone, and Annabel was extremely furious.

Through the muffled gag, he screamed, “I will get you! You all will be sorry!”

“I’ve had enough of his shit. Take him to jail,” Opal snarled, “Stay out of my life! Stay out of Bluewater!”

She turned to Annabel and said, “I want a restraining order against his ass!”

“We need to get a lawyer,” Annabel replied.

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