Bluewater Warzone

Opal looked on, as the news coverage began to cover the nightmare that was unfolding before her very eyes.  Her little town was going to be on the world stage as she looked out the window from her office in Town Hall.  “No one is to leave my office,” She said to everyone in the room, “And stay away from the windows!”

Daniel looked out of the window and knew War was declared.  “Daniel, away from the window, please,” Opal said, as her daughter, Opal Jr. pulled him back to the sofa where she was sitting along with Daniel’s sister Rowena.

“War is going on out there,” Rachel said, “Is this America?”

“My town!  My town,” Opal Senior exclaimed.

“My school,” Rachel exclaimed as rocks were being hurled at windows in both the school and town hall.

“For goodness sakes,” Opal Senior exclaimed as she realized the magnitude of what was happening.  The tow of Bluewater was descending into chaos as a peaceful protest turned violent.

“First the shootings at my school, now riots in the street,” Rachel said as she pulled her brother into a hug.  He had one arm around his sister and his other arm around his wife Annabel, and Rachel was frightened at what would happen to everyone inside the school.

Opal Senior got up and said, “I am locking the main door. Use my private Mayor bathroom as needed. Caroline, it is wheelchair accessible.”

“I’m going to be the laughingstock of the world,” Opal senior said.

“Take command of the situation,” Rachel suggested.

“Let me start tweeting,” Opal Senior said as she got her tablet going.

BW Police, remember to respect citizen rights, including the right to record police activity by both the media and private citizens

Local media immediately picked up on Opal Senior’s tweet as she decided to get on the phone with the chief of police. “I will not have my police force look like a military operation. Put that County equipment away, that is not the Bluewater image I want to project. The Constitutional right to peacefully assemble is guaranteed. I don’t want this to get out of hand like the great Borgisville riot last year,” She said in a 3-way call to both the chief of police and the news desk of the local TV station.

Opal said to everyone in the room, “Tonight, for our safety we will all spend the night here in my office in Town Hall. It will be a long night for everyone.” She turned to the kids and said, “All four of you please stick together. And please, don’t leave the safety of my office.”

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