Bluewater Snowstorm

The snow was coming down in bucket-loads and Michael said, “No way in HELL I’m doing data collection duties in this.” He looked at his sister, and added, “Close school for tomorrow.”

Rachel replied, “That’s up to the County, but if it were up to me, then yes I would.” Turning to Caroline, Daniel, and Rowena, she said, “Caroline, please stay up here in case something happens. I don’t want you stuck in the basement if the power fails.”

“Alright,” Her daughter replied. Caroline knew the plan: she would climb into bed with her cousins Daniel and Rowena in the spare room on the main floor, so that should the power fail, she had access to the outside. The kids gathered into the living room where the local news station broke into regular broadcast to talk non-stop about the weather, and how the snow was affecting the greater Bluewater area. Caroline said to her cousins, “I’d like a shower now just in case.”

“We can do that,” Daniel and Rowena both said as they took Caroline into the bathroom to do their thing. In a case of perfect timing, the power did fail right as they were finishing their shower.

Both Opals came over, and Opal Senior said to Rachel, “I’m not opening the Town. Don’t open the school.”

That’s when Rachel received the message from the County school system: “closed for snow.”

“Well, that settles it,” Rachel said, “No school everyone!”

“Good,” Caroline said, “I am not wheeling through a blizzard.”

Opal Junior put her arm around Daniel and asked, “Now what to do?”

“Well, no use in going to the basement. No power means no elevator. No elevator means Caroline is stuck up here. At least we’re on the ground floor,” He said.

“Might as well listen to the radio. It’s too dangerous to go outside,” She suggested.

“The radio it is,” Rowena said as she switched on the local station, which was broadcasting details on the snowfall.

“It’s supposed to be like this all day,” Caroline grumbled, grateful that her two cousins helped get her a shower before the power failed.

The radio started yammering on about the severe winter weather that was plaguing the Interstates 77 and 81 corridors, and that everyone should stay home unless they must. Daniel rested on the sofa, curled into Rowena’s arms, as Opal Junior snuggled up with him as well, as the two families sat there with nothing to do. The snow started coming down harder and harder and everyone just knew: this was The Big Snow.12

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