Billy Queen Expelled

Caroline wheeled out of her English class where he was waiting. She thought to herself, “Ugh, not again.” Billy Queen was among a group of known troublemakers, and Caroline wanted nothing to do with him. Of course he never seemed to get the hint.

She started wheeling herself towards the clinic so that she could take her lunchtime dose of medication, and planned to wait there – as she always did – for her cousin Daniel. “Hey. Babe! Slow down! Wait,” He called.

Billy started following her, and she started quickening the pace of her wheeling towards the elevator. She knew that you needed permission to use it (Caroline, being in a wheelchair, automatically had permission, even if her mother was not Principal), and she was going to get away from him once and for all. She did not return his calls of “Babe” – she didn’t even like any boy, except for her cousin of course (no, not like that you sick pervert).

Caroline arrived at the elevator, punched in the combination for the lock, and the call button lit up to indicate the elevator was on its way from the ground floor. “I can take you to lunch,” Billy said as he grabbed her wheelchair, “Besides, the elevator is perfect. There is something I want to tell you.”

The elevator bell rang as the doors opened. “Let go of me,” Caroline called out, hoping to attract the attention of any staff member, or better yet: her mother, Rachel, the Principal of Bluewater High School.

Billy pushed her into the elevator, and the door closed as Caroline hit the ground floor button. That’s when Billy reached out and forcibly kissed her right on the lips. Somehow, Caroline was able to keep her cool, and react rationally. As the elevator slowed to drop her off on the ground floor, she hit the Alarm button to cause the elevator to start ringing a loud bell. “No babe, don’t do that. All girls like being kissed.” Billy attempted to kiss her again, and Caroline contorted the look on her face to make it clear that this was unwanted. She also hit the Alarm button again in a desperate attempt to get someone’s attention.

Rachel approached the elevator. She was returning from the French class, wanting to sit in and watch the students, and the racket naturally caught her attention as she thought, “Who is…”

The doors opened and she couldn’t believe her eyes. “Billy Queen, you let go of my daughter right now,” She said with a hint of anger in her voice. She was going to throw him into In-School Suspension for this; Billy was one on her list of known trouble makers, and hurting her daughter was the last straw.

Knowing that Daniel would be looking for Caroline, she whipped out her tablet and sent a quick message to his instructor: “Please send Daniel to my Office when class is dismissed”

She sent one more quick message to the clinic “Please bring Caroline’s lunch time dose for today to my office” then she turned her attention to Billy as her humiliated daughter cried in her arms, clinging to her hands as tears flowed down her cheeks. In a stern voice, she said, “My office. Now!” Rachel looked at him in disgust, then in a gentle voice continued to Caroline, “It’s alright. Daniel will meet in the office.” She knew Caroline would worry if Daniel came to the clinic looking for her, and she continued, “Your meds for today will be waiting in my office.”

All Rachel needed to do was give The Look to Billy, and he knew he messed with the wrong girl. She frogmarched him into her office and he had this look on his face. He knew he was guilty, and he knew he was caught red handed. He decided to act dumb, which infuriated Rachel and Caroline. “You know what I think, Billy,” Rachel asked.

“No, ma’am,” He replied with a stupid smirk that Rachel saw right through.

“You want to skip class? Well, enough is enough.” Mr. Martin entered the office right on cue and Rachel said, “Ah good you’re here. Mr. Martin needs help cleaning the litter at the Transit Center across the street. Thank-you for volunteering your assistance, Billy.”

“Follow me Billy, and watch your mouth,” Mr. Martin barked as he escorted Billy Queen from Rachel’s office.

Caroline smiled a little as Rachel said, “Well, he did want to skip class so badly.”

The nurse arrived along with Daniel with Caroline’s lunchtime medication dose. Daniel took his cousin’s hand as she drank the water to down her pills and asked, “What happened?”

Caroline proceeded to tell the story and Rachel pulled up her computer to write the report, and said, “I’m going to mark it as an inexcusable absence from his classes. Ready for lunch? I will join you two if you want.”

Sarah, the nurse, walked with Rachel, Caroline, and Daniel (he was pushing his cousin in her wheelchair) as they all started heading to the cafeteria for lunch. “What would you like to eat,” Daniel asked his cousin, as their friend Opal Raymond, Jr caught up with them.

Daniel noticed an arm around him, and was quite happy to see Opal at his side hugging him, and he replied, “Caroline, I’m craving Sloppy Joe.” He was glad to see Opal as well and knew lunch today would be great. His Aunt Rachel was the best Principal he ever had (well of course he was biased). He looked at Opal and said, “Billy Queen will be expelled for this, hopefully.”

They all sat together for lunch and Caroline was glad to be in good company. Daniel moved a chair out of the way so that Caroline could pull her wheelchair up and sit with the little group. “I’m glad that kid is doing something productive for punishment,” Daniel said.

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