Moving to Bluewater

This was it. Rowena was a Senior and her brother Daniel was in his Junior year. His last two years would be with Aunt Rachel and Caroline because his old high school cut its band program which made him furious.

Since Aunt Rachel was the Principal of Bluewater High, Daniel was more than welcome to attend school there, which he gladly accepted. “Thanks, Aunt Rachel,” Daniel said over dinner.

“No problem. Now, just like with Caroline, I won’t play favorites,” Aunt Rachel responded, “If Caroline screwed up for example, I would not hesitate to issue her a suspension. My brother tells me that you are doing quite well. So well that Mountain Vista School of Advanced Studies is often visiting my school to talk about you, Caroline, and Rowena. Keep your grades the way they are and Aunt Jessica and I will gladly send all of you to Mountain Vista.”

“I’ll try my best, Aunt Rachel,” Daniel responded.

“OK. I gladly accept that,” Aunt Rachel responded.

Their Aunt Jessica still lived in Bellevue, Washington, but left WorldSoft to open her own game studio she calls jStudio. Using a videophone, she communicates often with the rest of the family in Bluewater and this evening was no different.

Aunt Jessica, who was on the videophone, added, “I’ve put the finishing touches on my new game. Daniel, your task is to write an installer for it. There’s an ODF file on my server that explains where files need to go and what Registry entries need to be created. In the game, press the Print Screen button to save PNG screen shots.” Turning her attention to Caroline and Rowena, Aunt Jessica continued, “Caroline and Rowena. Daniel will create screen shots and will describe them to you. Your job is to touch them up and include text on the screen shots. Save them as PNG and Daniel will use them during installation.” Daniel’s favorite thing was to write installers for Jessica’s games so he gladly got to work as soon as dinner was over.

Daniel sat down at the computer with his sister and his cousin and logged onto Aunt Jessica’s server. They downloaded the contents to Aunt Rachel’s computer and got straight to work. The game was a platform side scroller created in honor of the games of old and the three kids sincerely enjoyed it. “Now to get to work writing an installer. I’ve uploaded screen shots to the home server, so you two can get to work on that,” Daniel explained to his sister and cousin.

They got their laptops going and got right to work. After a couple of hours, Daniel called Aunt Jessica. “I have a prototype installer ready to go. There is a version for web downloading and a version that can be burned onto CD,” he explained.

Aunt Jessica pulled up a remote connection to Aunt Rachel’s computer so Daniel could demonstrate. Aunt Rachel was also watching as Daniel continued, “I placed some String values into the Registry so that I have the option of checking for updates and whatnot. I placed version information and a local file path. Now, let me run the installer.”

Daniel ran the installer and Aunt Jessica responded, “It’s perfect.”

Daniel replied, “I’m not done yet. Let me delete Panic.exe. You’ll like this.” Daniel when into Program FilesJessica StudiosDream Panic and deleted the file Panic.exe, which is the main file for the game. Double-clicking the desktop shortcut, a dialog came up reading “Corrupt or Missing File(s) detected. Please wait while Setup fixes Dream Panic…” followed by “Dream Panic Repair is completed. Launching game…” Daniel exited Dream Panic and ran Setup again. This time, it presented options to repair, update, launch, or remove Dream Panic.

“This installer is wonderful. I’m going to use the CD version,” Aunt Jessica replied.

Daniel said, “There’s one more thing. Remember that hidden command line switch /L I asked you to add?”

Aunt Jessica replied, “Yeah. Why?”

Daniel answered, “Double-clicking on a saved game will launch Dream Panic using the /L File.jdp feature.”

Aunt Rachel interjected, “It’s coming up on 9:30. Why don’t you three hit the bed. Caroline and Daniel, you two begin Band Camp tomorrow. Rowena, you’ve been asked to join as an instructor.”

Daniel said, “I don’t mind Aunt Rachel. Thanks so much. I miss marching band too much.”

Caroline, Daniel, and Rowena went into their bedroom. Quickly changing into PJ’s they went to bed (yes, they took forever to fall asleep). Tomorrow was going to be a wonderful day. Screaming Eagle Band Camp was always important to the Town of Bluewater and the Eagle Line could usually be heard throughout the whole town and many residents would gather at Bluewater High to watch the band rehearse. Understandably, the kids couldn’t fall asleep. The marching show this year was A Tribute to Disco: 60 Years of Magic.

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