A Tribute to Disco: 60 Years of Magic

The next morning came around. Daniel was excited as he woke his sister and cousin. “C’mon you two. I’m dressed and ready,” he said.

His cousin Caroline was the first to wake. “I’m up Dan! I’m up,” she grumbled. Caroline woke Rowena up and they got dressed. Caroline hugged Daniel as they started listening to disco music of old to get them in the mood for their marching show.

Rowena said, “I’ll make breakfast. How does cereal sound?”

Caroline and Daniel did not complain. It wasn’t too long before they were done eating breakfast, and Rowena said, “We have a bus to catch.  Blue Line everyone.”

Aunt Rachel was with them as they made their way across the street to Bluewater High.  “Morning Principal Rachel,” the band director Mr. Drake greeted.

Some of the students murmured to themselves not expecting Aunt Rachel to show up. “Morning Mr. Drake,” Aunt Rachel replied, “Ready to begin A Tribute to Disco?”

Many of the kids were excited as even the grown ups would need to consult their parents when it comes to Disco. To everyone, it was going to be a special year. For Aunt Rachel, this marks six wonderful years as Principal of Bluewater High School and three wonderful years in the brand new Bluewater High School. For Daniel, this was his only shot and he was going to make sure it went out with a blast.

As usual, pretty much the whole town gathered at the school to hear the students perform. To help everyone, the original songs were played so students knew what to expect. The students were gathered on the football field and Mr. Drake called attention, “Band: 10-Hut!” Everyone snapped to attention in the rest position.

Mr. Drake said, “I’m going to play Disco Nights so everyone knows what to expect.”

Rehearsal went on break for lunch, and Rowena helped Daniel and Caroline pack up for the afternoon. He put one arm around his sister and his other arm around his cousin as they made their way to Annabel’s deli for their meal. “Yeah I’m hungry,” He said as he walked with both women at his side. He knew his stomach was growling, and was grateful for the hour long breather. As expected, Aunt Rachel followed them as she wanted something to eat herself.

“What a morning!  What do you want, your usual,” Caroline asked Daniel as they all took up a table.  Caroline waved to her Aunt Annabel to get her attention, and the plates were already coming from around the counter.  “That was fast,” Caroline giggled.

“Lunch,” Daniel exclaimed as he looked at the sandwich before him.  Everything was just the way the four of them liked it.

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