12/21 Day with Kristin

“Good morning,” Rachel yawned as the alarm clock went off, “Today it will be just the two of you.  Kristin, I trust you.”

“Good morning,” Kristin replied.  I yawned and she said, “Wake up sleepy head.”

I hugged Rachel goodbye as she had to leave for work.  “Kristin will take care of you for the afternoon, then you and I will head to Bellevue for Christmas with Jessica,” Rachel said.

I did not want to stop hugging my baby sister as she released me.  “Here, hug me,” Kristin said as she tried to ease the transition to being away from Rachel.

“Cuddle Nap,” Was all I could say.

“Sure, we can,” Kristin said as she led me to her bedroom, “My bed is a little smaller than Rachel’s, but I will still gladly let you curl up with me.”

We rested here for a few minutes, and I was glad that Kristin allowed me to lie on her breast.  “Thank you,” I whispered as Kristin adjusted me.  I paused for a moment, then decided it was now or never, “Last night.  Try again?”

“Try what from last night,” Kristin asked.  I immediately blushed and, as if she caught on, continued, “Oh… You want to see me in my birthday suit.”  I nodded yes, and she said, “Like last night, tell me to stop at any time.”

This time was different from last night.  This time, I felt ready to see Kristin naked.  She said, “Only fair: You get to see me, so I want to see you.”

Kristin and I were both completely naked and she said, “I want you to know: if we go any further, I am on birth control, so I won’t be making a mess.”  Realizing exactly what I was doing, she quickly changed course and said, “OK you just want to hug me and lie on my exposed breast.  That’s fine.”

“Delores ugly,” I whimpered.

“I know, and you never have to see her ever again,” Kristin said, gently placing my free hand on her breast, while I continued to lie on her other breast, “I’m telling you right now: you are free to touch and explore any of my private parts.” My hand started slowly sliding down her gut from her breast, and I looked at her, trying to communicate “stop me if I go to far.”

“Go on. Slide your fingers inside. Start slowly. And here, please look at what you’re doing. I’m OK with you wanting to see what my pussy looks like while you play with it,” She whispered as she adjusted herself, “Go easy because no one has ever touched me down there before.”

I started to slide a finger inside of her when suddenly the memories of Kent came crashing through my mind. Tears burst out of my eyes and Kristin said, “Ok ok, you’re still not ready.”. I froze, leaving my finger inside of Kristin as I simply locked up, unable to do anything.  It was as if my body had a hard crash and needed to be reset, so I just could not do anything.  “Should I get dressed,” Kristin asked as gently as possible.  Still frozen, with my finger still inside of her vagina, I absolutely could not respond at all.  “I’m here.  I’m here.  I’m here,” Kristin said repeatedly as she tried to hug me as best as she could, given the weird position I was in and my inability to respond to anything.

Her phone ran.  It was Rachel calling, just as she promised she would on her break.  “Rachel is on the phone,” Kristin said as she switched it to speaker.  “He’s gone into an autistic lockdown, Birthday Party Round 2.  London Bridge: Take the Key and Lock her Up,” Kristin spoke cryptically, in case Rachel was too near any coworkers.

“Where is he now,” Rachel asked.

“Digital Crown, and there was a hard crash,” Kristin replied.

“Stay in the birthday party dress.  When he resets, you will know how to respond,” Rachel said.

“I still can’t believe how someone so nice as your brother could’ve ended up with a slob like her,” Kristin said.

“It’s how his brain works.  It’s the idea that a girl picked him.  None of us knew just how bad she would become,” Rachel said, “Ask me when I get home.”

“I think he is starting to respond,” Kristin said as she realized I was sliding my finger out of her vagina, and just laying on her breast like earlier.  “He’s lying on his pillow, and massaging the other,” She said.

“If you’re OK with it, allow him to suckle,” Rachel said.

“No, I don’t mind,” Kristin replied.

“OK, well I need to get back to work,” Rachel said.

“Goodbye,” Kristin said, ending the call.

Looking into my eyes, Kristin asked very gently, “What do you want?  Do you need to hold me?  I’m yours to hug all day long.”

As my mind started coming to, I realized my surroundings.  I was not in Kent, but in University Place.  It was not Brandi, nor was it Delores, but instead the woman lying at my side was my little sister’s room mate and best friend… Lying at my side… Hugging me…  Knowing that I was in extreme emotional distress…  Trying her best to comfort me.  “Stay,” Was all I managed to get out.

“Promise,” She replied, “All afternoon.”. My breathing quickened, and she said very quickly, “I’m here.  I’m right here.  Promise.”

“Kent Hell,” I whispered, as all my mind could think of was going to unquestioningly be the darkest day of my life, “No sleep.  Fuck.  All.  Night.”

“That’s over and done with.  You’re in University Place and you’re lying in bed with your sister’s room mate and best friend.  You’re in University Place,” Kristin said, trying her best to drive home that I was safely in Pierce County.

“Kristin,” I asked, as if making sure my mind wasn’t playing tricks on me.

“Hmm,” She replied gently, knowing how fragile my mental state was.

“You’re… you’re… you’re naked,” I stammered, as my mind was starting to come back to normal again.

“Yes, I’m naked.  I can get dressed if you want me to,” She replied.

“And you’re not expecting THAT from me,” I asked.

“If all you want to do is hug me, then I’m fine with that.  Besides, I’m not going to go that far with you.  Not without your sisters’ blessing.  In the meantime, please do hug me as much as you want,” She said.

“Thank you for getting on the 2 that day,” I whispered, continuing to hug Kristin tightly.

“You’re welcome.  I saw it in her eyes: my mere presence made her uncomfortable when she noticed that you recognized me,” Kristin replied.

It felt weird just lying there in bed with Kristin, and knowing that I quite possibly could have a female, other than my sisters, who would treat me properly.  “Wait, are we…  Really… Wait, you’re OK with…”  I stammered, not sure how to proceed.

Looking me right in the eye, Kristin said, “I’m naked because you’re going to have to get used to helping Jessica in the bathroom when you return to Bellevue.  I’m trying to help you get over that slob.  Please, if you’re comfortable, touch me wherever you want.  Yes, even down there.”

I shook my head, still too afraid, and Kristin said, “Ok, ok.  I’m ok with you simply hugging me if that’s what you want.  Though I would like to do something nice with you, like watch a movie or something.  I want you to feel comfortable turning to me when Rachel and Jessica are at work.”.  She paused for a moment to collect her breath then asked, “Do you want me dressed?”

I massaged her breast, trying to tell her not ton get dressed.  Sensing the conflict in my mind, Kristin whispered, “How about this?  I’ll stay undressed until it’s time to head to Lakewood Mall and meet Rachel.  You’re still not sure if you’re ready to proceed with anything or not.”

“Want three of you,” I whispered, frightened that I went too far.

“Myself as well as both of your sisters at your side,” Kristin asked.  I nodded very nervously, and Kristin’s reply was, “I will try to figure out a day all three of us are off.  Maybe we can take a day trip up to Lynnwood or Everett or something.”

“Everett,” I stammered, as faint memories started to drift to the front of my mind.

“Yeah, we can even head up as far as Stanwood with our monthly passes,” Kristin responded, not catching on to Everett somehow ringing a bell.

“Everett,” I said again, trying to remember why it rang a bell, “I remember that city for some reason.”

“The name rings a bell,” Kristin asked, starting to massage me just in case I slipped into another Autistic slump.

It was then when my brain realized that I had a girl at my side who was allowing me to explore her privates, and that this girl was not hurting me.  I pulled Kristin into an even tighter hug and whispered, “You’re my third favorite woman, after my two sisters.”

“Am I doing a good job repairing your damaged trust,” She asked, snuggling herself closer to me.  I realized she was rubbing herself against me, as she whispered, “Stop me if you are uncomfortable.”

“More,” Was all I could get out.

“I’m comfortable with you touching down there,” She whispered.

“This does feel awkward,” I said.

“I’m trying to help you feel comfortable,” Kristin said, still hugging me tightly.

“I’m getting hungry,” I said.

Kristin sat up and said, “It is getting close to lunch time.  Do you want me dressed?”

“No,” I whispered, frightened I would never get another chance.

“You want your sisters here,” Kristin asked.

“Three of you,” Was all I could make out as my stomach lurched.  It was about lunch time, and I was hungry.  I felt like I needed both Jessica and Rachel in the room giving their blessing.

“How about this?  How about we stay in our birthday suits until it is time to catch the bus to Lakewood to see Rachel,” Kristin suggested, “Let me get us a simple lunch.  There’s a reason Rachel made sure all the blinds were closed before heading out to work.”

“I can’t explain this weird feeling I have,” I said.

“Please be honest: does part of you want to have sex with me, but yet another part is still frightened because of what her and the cousin did to you,” Kristin asked me, looking me directly in the eye. My look told Kristin everything she needed to know as she said, “Let me get lunch, and we can then simply cuddle for the rest of the afternoon.”

Kristin came back real quick with two refrigerated lunch packs and said, “Here: something I didn’t have to make because I am fully aware you don’t want to be alone for even a brief second. Yes, we will eat right on my bed. Just don’t make a mess please.” She saw the look in my eye and said, “You don’t feel comfortable touching my naughty parts unless Rachel were here giving you permission. You’re still conflicted and I will do my best to be gentle.  I understand: it’s not that you don’t trust me specifically, it’s just you’re afraid to trust anyone except your two sisters.”

After simply cuddling for a couple of more hours, Kristin said, “Well, we do need to get on the bus.  I promised Rachel we would meet her in Lakewood and that I would see you two off on the 574.

“Oh, alright,” I said grudgingly.

“Promise: next chance we get a day like this, we can cuddle in our birthday suits again.  This won’t be the last time,” Kristin said as she pulled me to a seated position, “My offer stands: if you feel up for it any time in the future, yes I would let you have sex with me.”  She proceeded to get up and got dressed as I did the same.  “I’d like to be on the bus in ten minutes,” She said as she finished getting dressed, “I’m getting us to Lakewood about 20 minutes before Rachel gets off of work.” I felt conflicted: on one hand, I was excited that I got to be with my two sisters, but yet on the other hand, very slowly I was coming to accept Kristin, since Rachel trusted her to keep me company all day. I wished Kristin could join us in Bellevue but she had family obligations to attend to in Tacoma.

It wasn’t a long ride to Lakewood and, when the bus dropped us off, Kristin said, “Let’s slowly walk over to Spot since Rachel doesn’t get off work for another 20 minutes.”

“Alright,” I said, just wanting to see my sister badly, “This is going to sound weird, but when I get to Bellevue, I wish I could just repeat today, and not be so afraid.”

“Promise: we can do that again.  Also, Rachel and Jessica both know that I was planning on it.  I will tell your sister what happened today.  Don’t panic: she will tell you that I had her blessing,” Kristin said.

Twenty minutes seemed to go by quickly as it was not long as all when I found myself being hugged by my absolute most favorite woman in the whole wide world.

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