Nasty Spring Storm

Looking out the window, at the rain

Looking out the window at the rain

The sound of a loud boom of thunder woke Rachel up with a startle. She got out of the bed and looked out the window and saw the pouring rain. She knew it was supposed to rain today, but she was not expecting it to be so bad.

I woke up too, and asked Rachel, “So, what can we do today?”

Rachel got dressed and looked out the window again. She turned back to me and said, “Now I want to help you break out of that old lifestyle that you were forced into. I don’t want you to suffer the way that pig treated you ever again. Please don’t think I am mad at you, because I am not. This is my rule that I’m coming up with. When we eat: immediately wash our dishes after. I don’t want to see you suffer the way you did under that no good bitch.”

Rachel pulled me into a hug and continued, “You are my brother, and I love you more than anyone. I hated seeing you being hurt, and I promise you that I will never let that happen again.”

Being hugged by my younger sister on the stairs

Rachel Comforting Me

Rachel sat me on the stairs and continued to hug me as she said, “That bitch will never be allowed inside of this townhouse ever. Nor will I allow her to be in your life either.”

The rain continued to pour down harder and harder and Rachel said, “Let’s just have brother/sister time together.”

“Just you and me,” I asked.

“Yep. Just you and me,” My sister replied. The lights went out and Rachel said, “Well, I guess that’s that.”

The winds continued to pick up and we knew that this storm was not going to go away anytime soon. “Let’s just sit on the sofa together,” I suggested.

“Sounds good,” My little sister said as we walked over to the small living room.

“Listen to that rain come down,” I whispered, “I hope the power comes back on.” Meanwhile, Rachel was pulling out her cell phone and dialed the 800 number to the power company to report the lights going out. I continued, “Peanut Butter sandwiches for lunch later?”

“Yeah, best keep the fridge closed,” She replied.

“Let me know when you’re hungry,” I replied, looking at my watch and seeing that it was just before 11 in the morning.

“Alright,” She replied.

We sat there, curled into each other’s arms, and I was kind of glad we had no power. I was glad to have brother/sister time with Rachel. “I have an idea: let’s do a little house cleaning. Just the areas that have enough lights from the windows, since I don’t want to waste flashlight batteries when we don’t need them.”

“Fair enough,” Rachel replied, “We will take a break for lunch when it’s time.”

“Deal,” I responded wanting to simply curl up into my sister’s arms, but also not wanting to slip into the nightmare I was once in when my old living arrangements were an absolute disaster.

Cleaning the Bathroom with no power

Cleaning the Bathroom during a Power Failure

Rachel helped me up and we went to the downstairs bathroom, and opened the window shades. Rachel said, “I will clean the toilet while you start with the sink.”

“Alright,” I said as a crackle of thunder boomed outside, “I hate thunderstorms.” I sprayed clearing foam into the sink, then handed it to my sister so that she could work on the toilet bowl. It wasn’t too long before we were finished with the downstairs bathroom.

Rachel suggested, “Let’s have lunch now. Peanut butter sandwiches like you suggested, to keep the fridge closed. We will work on the kitchen after we eat, cleaning up any mess we make during lunch.”

I pulled my sister into a hug as I said, “I’m grateful for this, as much as I hate cleaning.”

“I know you hate cleaning,” She replied, “And I know why you’re grateful.” My sister was correctly thinking of the slob I used to be with as she added, “I meant it when I said I’m forbidding her from entering this townhouse.”

It was still pouring rain, and we still had no power when, about 45 minutes later, we finished cleaning the place up. It was not in bad shape, but Rachel was stubborn about keeping up with it, and I was glad she was being stubborn.

I was glad that my little sister enjoyed being cuddled up with on the sofa, since I just really wanted brother/sister time with her. The house cleaning was as done as it could be (we would do laundry, for example, once we got power again), and Rachel and I settled onto the sofa together. Rachel adjusted me so that my head was gently lying on her breast and she whispered, “How does it feel to lay on my boob without hearing her bitch?”

I wrapped my arm around her shoulder, wanting a closer hug, as I whispered back, “I’m feeling so much better. Thank you.” I looked up into her eyes as I said, “I just want to spend a lazy afternoon on the sofa with you.”

“I don’t mind cuddling one bit,” Rachel replied, “And I promise you: she will never, ever find out the location of this townhouse.”

We sat there as the rain continued to pour outside, just letting the day go along. We didn’t plan on doing anything except cuddle up for the rest of the afternoon.

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