Lunch with Annabel

Programming class let out, and Rachel was waiting just as she promised she would. As I pulled my sister into a hug, her eyes widened. “Annabel,” She asked excitedly.

They were both happy to see each other, just as I was happy to bump into Annabel. “Walk with us to History,” I said, “There is a lot to chatch up on.”

Lunch time finally came around, and sure enough: Annabel was waiting for Rachel and I to be out of class. “We will all have lunch together,” Rachel said, happy to see Annabel.

“That’s what I was hoping for,” I replied as I hugged my sister. We walked together to the cafeteria and got into the lunch line, right as the burgers came off the grill.

“Perfect timing,” Annabel said as she hungirly eyed the hamburger.

We sat down at a table together, and Annabel asked, “So how have you two been? It’s been far too long.”

Rachel said, “I think it’s best to tell the truth. My brother went through absolute Hell, and was heavily abused.” My sister put her arm around me, knowing how I was still upset whenever that subject was brought up.

“What happened,” Annabel asked in as gentle a voice as possible, catching on to how upset it all made me.

“I think I better explain,” Rachel started to say, with a hint of anger. My sister was still angry about what happened, and continued, “Would you consider it cheating if the two of you were together, and he decided he wanted to curl up in my arms?”

Annabel was taken aback. “Absolutely not! You’re his sister! That’s not cheating. He likes to snuggle up with you and Jessica,” She replied, stunned.

Rachel said, “Jessica and I trusted you and wish you didn’t lose contact. At least you’re back now.”

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