First Day of Class

Rachel and I were excited to be starting class again. I was going to be taking a Basic Math class, U. S. History, and Programming. Rachel would join me for History, and she would take other classes on her quest: she wanted to be a teacher.

As we started waking up, Rachel suggested, “Shower together, breakfast, then head to school?”

“Sure, that’s fine,” I replied.

We were both happy to be crossing Buckner for our first day of class and I promised, “After History, we will have lunch together. We will wait for each other and walk home together.”

“Of course we walk home together,” My sister replied as she put her arm around me. Her intentions were clear: she didn’t want anyone hitting on us, because she didn’t want a boyfriend. We entered the building where Rachel’s English Composition class would be taking place, and I hugged her goodbye, as I prepared to make my way over to my Programming class, which was across the lake. “My class lets out first, so I’ll come get you and we will go to History together,” She said as she hugged me.

“Alright,” I replied, “See you after Programming.”

I walked alone, which felt weird since I was so used to having Rachel at my side, and made my way towards my class.

When I arrived in the room, I sat at a workstation and started getting myself ready for class when suddenly a very familiar red-haired girl walked in. It took my brain several seconds to process, but it all clicked when she looked me in the eye. “Annabel,” I asked.

Her eyes lit up and sat right next to me. She pulled me into a hug and said, “We have so much to get caught up with.”

“Have lunch with Rachel and I,” I said as I looked at the time. Class was about to begin, and Annabel was right: there was a lot to catch up on, and I wanted her to have lunch with my sister and I.

“That would be great,” She said, “How are Rachel and Jessica, by the way?”

I paused. Thinking about Jessica, especially right now that she was pregnant, made me wish we were all in Bellevue together. Annabel, of course, did not know that it was not very long ago that I went through absolute HELL, and someday I would tell her the story. She also did not know of Jessica’s pregnancy, but thinking about all of this brought awkward pause.

Sensing something was wrong, Annabel asked, “What is it?”

I knew Annabel meant well, but it felt weird not being able to answer. She offered me a hug and said, “We have a lot to catch up on. I’ll take you on that offer of lunch with Rachel.”

“Thank you,” I whispered as other students started filing into the classroom. Focusing on class was going to be very difficult.

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