A Day in Clark

“Morning sleepyhead,” Rachel giggled as she started massaging my back.

“This time difference,” I started to say as I turned to look my baby sister in the eye.

“Oh you get used to it,” She replied, “What do you want for breakfast?”

The honest truth was that I didn’t want any breakfast at the moment, because I just wanted to lie there next to my little sister.  I was enjoying the closeness as she started stroking my hair humming to herself.  “You really do miss me,” She whispered as she pulled me into a hug.  She paused for a moment, allowing me to soak in the wonderful special kind of hug that you can only get from an opposite gender sibling, before continuing, “You just want to lie here in bed at my side all day, don’t you.”

She saw the expression on my face and said, “We need to eat, and today can be one of those lazy days.  Yes we can cuddle up together, but we do need to get some food.”  I slowly adjusted myself and my sister realized exactly what I was up to when she giggled, “You want to lie on my boob, don’t you.  Go on, just like we used to.  Yes I’m well aware it comforts you somehow, and yes I know you can’t explain it.”

I was grateful that I got to lie on my sister’s boob for a few minutes, when she said, “Now, we should really eat. My stomach is rumbling anyways.”

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