AWF Monday Night WAR!

Rachel and I hopped on the #6 MLK and she explained, “It’s not every day the AWF comes to town.”  My sister was genuinely happy, since she liked wrestling. To be honest, no I was not really into wrestling, but it’s something that my sister enjoyed. Given the tone of voice she gave when she shoved the ticket into my hand, I would not deny her this event.

We were dropped off in Portland, and as promised, Rachel said, “I promised a ride on the train.”

“Yes, you did,” I said, excited as we got on the train platform.

The train dropped us off at the arena and Rachel was pumped.  Tonight was Monday Night WAR! and was a very special Monday Night WAR! at that.  Today was going to be the cable TV debut of the Eliminators’ Chamber and one of the wrestlers promised to bring ‘toys’ to the match.

Rachel pulled out the prepaid debit card Jessica mailed her that was loaded with $100 for the night and got sodas, hot dogs, and a bag of popcorn for us then we headed for our seats.  “When we’re done tonight, we’re going to catch the bus to Van Mall and we’re getting a pickup from there.    The 72 stops running at 9 and I think we’re going to be on the last Mill Plain Blvd bus which will take us from Downtown Vancouver to the mall.”

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