His Best Christmas Ever

From the Point of View of Jessica: She wants her brother to have the best Christmas ever, without that abusive girlfriend of his

“I need some help,” I sobbed, “I want him to have the best Christmas ever, and without that slob.”

“What can we do to help,” Andromeda asked.

“I want him to wake up and see presents under the tree,” I responded, as I wiped a tear from my eye, “He is finally free of that slob, and I need him to be happy that she is gone.”

“We all saw what a wreck he was, and we have an idea. What if a bunch of us sneaked into your house in the middle of the night as Secret Santa’s,” Andromeda suggested.

“I will lock him in my bedroom, and Rachel will be there too. He gets thirsty in the middle of the night from time to time, so I will station three glasses in the bathroom so that he can refill water whenever he wants.  I will not even tell Rachel what the plans are,” I sobbed, though the tears were not as bad as the idea came into my head.

“Arrange to get him the GameBox and a nice TV to hook it into,” One of my coworkers piped up, “Get him something big, that would be totally unexpected for him.”

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